CIPR Gold Award Winners for Best Low Budget Campaign 2009

Vibe Public Relations

Put your PR on a pedestal

Some people think effective public relations just involves sending out a press release. That is SO last year! PR is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Good PR sees problems as challenges. At Vibe, we’ll turn the mundane into the extraordinary ­ because that’s what we’re good at.

We’ve managed one of the biggest demonstrations the Welsh Assembly Government has ever seen; we’ve turned a run-down beauty pageant into award-winning front-page news; we’ve made the opening of a restaurant into national news with some wow photography and we’ve made Shane Williams out of a pie. Call us if you’re curious!

  • We advise clients on who they should be talking to.
  • We show them the best way to talk to who they should be talking to
  • We’ll do the talking for our clients if they want us to
  • We’ll get clients in newspapers and magazines, and we’ll put them on the TV and radio too

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